It is Almost Time for Spring Planting

Typically, frost can occur when the temperature falls below 36® F.  This is especially true in the rural areas of the county. Frost is a localized phenomenon that can be quite variable across a small area. Frost becomes more widespread when the temperature falls below 32 degrees.

If you planted tomatoes, peppers and potatoes before the 14th of March, chances are that the vegetables suffered some frost damage. Master Gardener Byron Chitwood visited with a large nursery in Frisco yesterday and they said, “that people got in a hurry to plant these sorts of things because of the mild weather we were having”.

Many old timers advise waiting until Good Friday in March to plant.  After March 20, it is ok to plant all kinds of beans and peas, corn, cucumbers, egg plants, mustard greens, squash, tomatoes and watermelon.  After April 1, okra, field peas, and pepper plants can be planted.  Check the local weather station for the possibility of frost and be prepared to cover these plants in case of temperatures predicted drop into the low thirties.  Some of the vegetables that are planted from seeds might not germinate properly if the soil is too cold when they are planted.  If they have not all germinated and sprouted within two weeks, replant w here needed.  Sometimes, green beans will sprout in cold soil but the infant plants will not have good leaves.  Replant these too since they will not develop into productive plants.

If you have a very large garden plot and plan to plant green beans, rather than plant them all at once, stagger planting dates every five to ten days.  That way, you will have a lengthened harvest period.  You might get tired of eating green beans every day but I’ll bet that your neighbors won’t.

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