IRS Phone Scam Targets Local Residents

According to a press release from the Commerce Police Department’s Facebook page, an elderly lady living in Commerce received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service.


The lady was informed that she had been audited and that she owed a few thousand dollars in taxes to the IRS.  She was then threatened with the aspect of having her bank accounts and assets frozen.  She told police that the caller was a man with a foreign accent, and, when she received a second call, she realized that she was being scammed and hung up, reporting the scammers to Commerce Police.


The calls apparently originated from the following number, (202) 747-0948, which has been reported throughout the country as being used in the ongoing scam.  When Commerce Police Department officers tried to contact that number, they were greeted with a message saying that the number was disconnected for fraudulent use.


The Internal Revenue Service reminds everyone that they will never contact you via phone and request that you send them a MoneyGram or any wire transfer.  If you suspect that anyone calling you is requesting such a transfer, you are asked to hang up and call police or law enforcement immediately.


Here are a couple of links where you can learn more about the scam taking place:


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