Irrational Irritations


You know until a few years ago, paper towels were all the same size. They need to come with a warning label because for over a year now every time I pick up a package they are the ones that are perforated in one-half the regular size. Each time I tore one off, I promised myself to be careful to buy the ones with the full sheets.

Tearing off one-half a sheet was always barely enough to do the job at hand. I was just as irritated at myself every time I reached for one as I was that they even made such a tiny size! Why didn’t they just do something obvious so you know what you are buying? Why can’t I remember to get the size I wanted?

Well, low and behold, the last ones I bought are the full sheets. And, now every time I have a tiny mess, I’m thinking how irritating it is to have to use the full sheet!

Humans.. go figure!

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