Ink Man

Josh Painter recounts stories of Shane Badd the Sea Hag.
Josh Painter recounts stories of Shane Badd the Sea Hag.

Josh Painter is one of the leading tattoo artist in Hunt County.  He is proud to be called an Ink Man.  Josh has practiced his artwork in the area since 2001 when he came back home from  Hawaii and the West Coast. He is a traditional tattoo artist in that he will take your ideas and turn them into your personal artwork.

Josh tells the Hunt County News how he served his apprenticeship under Shane Badd the Sea Hag.  She was one of the survivors picked up from the roof of the Hilton Hotel when Saigon fell in 1975. Shane settled in Honolulu and that is where Josh got his first tattoo and decided that he wanted to be an Ink Man.

Today, Josh Painter is the proprietor of Texas Tattoos on Wesley Street.  His studio is located in the blue building just south of the railroad tracks.  Three other artist call Texas Tattoos home.  Each is certified by the State of Texas and the American Red Cross.  Each artist has years of experience under their belts and wear their certifications proudly.

Josh warns to beware of the fly by night practitioner.  Make sure that they are certified and licensed before you order your own piece of permanent artwork.  Josh tell us that “Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good”.

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