I Just Dropped In

A brand new Boeing CH47F, Chinook helicopter dropped into Majors Field in Greenville for fuel.  A contract aircrew was delivering the aircraft to Ft. Bliss in El Paso from Ridley Park, Pennsylvania.  The crew, from Huntsville, Alabama wanted Texas Barbecue.  Ernie’s Barbecue was mentioned.

The helicopter was manufactured at the Boeing plant near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It had less than fifteen hours on it when it landed this morning.

This design has been around since Vietnam but it has upgraded avionics, engines, transmissions and other flight control items.  The machine has the capability to fly automatically to a predestined location anywhere in the world.  The pilot said that “it is possible to load a flight profile from Majors Field, for instance, into the Flight Director System to an isolated pasture in South Hunt County, land, and pick up passengers or injured personnel without the pilot ever having to touch the controls”.

The aircraft was soon fueled and the crew fed some good Texas brisket.  The next stop would be Abilene for an overnight stay.

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