Hurt’s Nine-Yum-Yum Vehicle Visits the County

Over a hundred hungry donut aficionados lined up to take a pick at the goodies inside the Hurt’s Emergency Donut Vehicle. Image courtesy of Jeff Jennings.

The crowd of about one hundred donut connoisseurs stretch the length of Highland Terrace Church parking lot.  Finally, the Hurt’s Donut Emergency vehicle appeared.

The Hurts Emergency Donut vehicle was completely loaded with Hurts Dozens and the famous maple bacon bars!!

The Nine-Yum-Yum vehicle is Hurt’s way of giving back to the community.  A portion of today’s sales is going to Community Seeds.  Community Seeds fills a dire need in the southern part of our county.  They operate out of the old middle school campus. Community Seeds sows hope- one family at a time.  They provide emergency relief and programs to disadvantaged families.  The goal is to help these families become self-sufficient.

Hurt’s Donuts take the Emergency Donut Vehicle (EDV) to a community surrounding Frisco, Texas every Wednesday.

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