How Sweet (Suite) It Is

Come out to the office suites after nine o’clock and take the tour.  You will be surprised at the modern air conditioning, comfortable furnishings, artwork on the walls, and big screen TVs strategically placed throughout the suites.

Nicole Pride has just opened twenty-seven salon suites at the intersection of Sunset Strip and Wesley Street in Greenville.  The old Caddy Shack Restaurant has been turned into a modern building called Shear Pride featuring individual styling stations, offices for small business such as Hairdressers, nail salons, massage suites, independent insurance brokerages, real estate, Internet web design, IT Consulting, and a host of other uses.

Will Dye welcomes tenants to the Suites on Sunset Strip in Greenville. Shear Pride is the business of Greenville’s own Nicole Pride. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Will and Kristen Dye of Wylie own the building and Nicole, and Matt Pride has been tasked to fill it. Nicole is a Greenville entrepreneur born and raised. She is Greenville ISD and then went on to the Bella School of Cosmetology. She has worked in Rockwall but believes in Greenville and can see the change the city is making.

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