Henson-Kickernick Building Burns

The good news is that there were no firefighters from Greenville Fire and Rescue or other persons injured or killed as they fought a fire that broke out in the old Henson-Kickernick Building near the corner of Henry and Wright Streets in Greenville Sunday morning.  Bill Salamon reports, “seeing flashing lights and flames around three-thirty AM”.  The smell of smoke was heavy in the air when a lot of Greenville citizens were leaving for services.

The manufacturing facility has lain in ruin for the last twenty years or so.  Today trees push through the roof and it is a habitat for rats and snakes.

Henson-Kickernick put Greenville on the map in the 1950’s.  Shirey, Henson, Loves and Haggar had plants in Greenville.  The sixties and seventies came and the allure of sexy nylon and lace undergarments faded.  Several of the founders had passed on by the mid-1980’s. The brand was eventually sold to Bali and then to Sara Lee Brands.

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