Greenville’s German Program Bites the Dust

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Blackshear wear their “Fight For Frau” red, tee shirts at Tuesday’s school board meeting in Greenville. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

It is no secret that the Greenville Independent School District (GISD) has deep financial problems.  An independent audit was called for by the tax payers in November 2017, and the results of that program are at the Texas Department of Education in Austin now.  Dr. Demetrus Liggins was called to fill the superintendent’s position and to right the school district’s financial woes last year.

The Texas Alliance of Black School Educators states in their web site, “Dr. Liggins’ steadfast goal is to provide all students, regardless of their learning style, race, language, ability, or family income, with opportunities and experiences to become successful, productive students and citizens”.

The highly successful German Language and Culture Class taught by Frau Easley is a casualty of GISD budget cuts.  Liggins is standing firm in his decision to cut this popular class that has garnered recognition and rewards at a state and national level for almost thirty-eight years. The superintendent feels, “tough decisions had to be made in order to balance the 2018-19 budget”

Tuesday’s public-school board meeting brought numerous students, former students and citizens out to protest the cancellation of Frau Easley’s program.  At one point the Citizens to be Heard portion of the program had to be extended almost thirty minutes to accommodate everybody wishing to speak.

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