Freedom is Just a Dollar

Protesters were feeling their oats after defeating the PJC issue in Hunt County. The new issue is the protection of free speech in the form of signs and the right to assemble. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Joey, Cory and Andre assembled at the intersection of Moulton and the I-30 East Access Road at lunch time.  They carried signs that was a reminder of the protest we have seen nationally as a result of the election.  The signs read “Another Freedom Lost”, “A Dollar for Freedom”, a “Penny for Charity”.  The three were protesting the recently enacted “Panhandling” Ordinance that went into effect on January 20, 2017 in Greenville, Texas.

When ask they responded that they were protecting a First Amendment Article addressing free speech and the right to assemble. Several motorist

A traffic incident occurred during the protest. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

honked in support and one or two pitched a dollar out to the protesters.

Greenville Police monitored the situation as a result of a minor collision between a freight truck and an automobile that took place at the traffic light.

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