Football’s Not Just For The Guys!

Football’s not just for the guys! When they put on the helmets, the ladies are planning to be puttin’ on the ritz. Homecoming is an exciting time. Most girls dream of formals and flowers from a very young age.

The chrysanthemum was first introduced to the colonies where it came to be known as the “Queen of the Fall Flowers” aka mums.
The tradition of wearing mums started sometime in the early 1900’s. Guys have been giving their homecoming dates chrysanthemums for decades.
The University of Missouri is recognized as the birth of homecoming in 1911. The athletic director was trying to encourage game attendance and they celebrated with parades and rallies, dates and dances.
Texas is given the credit of giving corsages, and that custom started shortly after that first Missouri homecoming.
Homecoming should be a night to remember and getting all the details taken care of before the magical dance will help make it great…. and stress free!
This tidbit brought to you by Awesome Blossom Florist.

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