Fireworks will Usher in Texas Celebration

Tattered banners are all that remain of a closed fireworks stand on FM 118. Three additional sales weeks may help the bottom line. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

The Hunt County Commissioners Court met today and authorized three additional days for fireworks to be sold in the county.  The sales periods will be dependent upon weather conditions such as drought and burn bans being in effect.

Texas Independence Day will see a sales period of February 25th through March 2nd.  San Jacinto Day will be April 16 through April 21 and Memorial Day will be Wednesday before the last Monday of May.  Memorial Day is currently celebrated on the last Monday of May.

Mickey White, fireworks seller, said “quite a bit of additional sales tax will be generated for the county”  Part time employees will be needed to cover the new sales weeks.  The White Family currently has stands in Commerce, Caddo Mills and Celeste.

Commissioner Phillip Martin and landowner Mike Lewis opposed the measure in concern for the possibility of grass fires that might pose a danger to pastures and structures in the county.  Martin was also concerned if fireworks were the proper way to remember our servicemen and women, first responders and police that paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  The measure passed 3 to one with Commissioner Martin voting “nay”.

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  1. Judi Stephenson

    I just the photo had not been of flags that are in such bad shape. Maybe we could afford to replace these flags?

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