Family Finds Closure

Kelly Jarvis Pulley reports on the Lee Wells Facebook page that Mr. Wells was found yesterday and his family can find closure.

Radio scanner traffic was quite active Sunday evening.  Over 200 plus volunteers helped in the search for Mr. Keith Wells.  Keith’s family can now have closure.

Friday afternoon started out to be routine when Keith got on his ATV and headed out to the bottom land looking for some cows that had gotten out of the ranch and wandered onto Highway 66 near Caddo Mills.  Keith had not returned by night fall and neighbors and deputies started a search.The Wells Ranch encompasses dense thickets of oak and hackberry trees.  The search continued on to Saturday when the ATV was found but there was no sign of Mr. Wells. Sunday dawned with strong thunderstorms and rain.

Keith’s body was found between 7:15 and 7:30 PM Sunday night according to Fire Chief, Chris Taylor of Caddo Mills.  Friends, neighbors, the Hunt County Sheriff’s Posse, and the Caddo Mills Volunteer Fire Department assisted in the search.  The family is thanking all who assisted…those that thought to bring water and food, volunteers from around the community, cowboys, gate holders, guides, brush cutters, those that brought horses, dogs and the occasional private pilot that overflew the search area. The family was overwhelmed, thankful and humbled at how fast the community rallied together as family, some that the Wells Family had never met, that stopped what they were doing to come to their aid in the search effort.

“It is a sad ending for all of us” said Pulley, “but a wonderful home coming for Mr. Wells, for he is now with his heavenly father walking the pastures of eternity and the streets of gold. Again, thank you all for whatever part you may have held in this search and rescue at the Wells Ranch. It is because of all the tireless work and those praying that he was found. God Bless each and everyone”.

Mrs. Wells,and family: you all are in our hearts and prayers during this difficult time. May God give you guidance, peace, strength and understanding in your days to come.

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