Eleven Essential Elements to Health and Happiness

Dr. Patricia J. Sulak, a world renown dietitian and physician from Baylor, Scott and White in Temple, Texas, addressed the Daybreak Rotary Club and the United Way of Hunt County luncheon at the Texan Theater Thursday.

There are eleven essential elements to health and happiness according to Dr. Patricia Sulak, author of Fire Your Doctor. One must take control of their own health and well-being. First start with your normal numbers now.  Most Americans are over weight to some degree or another. Maintaining normal weight will decrease the likely hood of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and kidney disease.  All are deadly and account for the majority of health care expense.

The first step is to critique caloric consumption.  Many adopt the “Mediterranean Diet”.  Decide to make movement mandatory.  Walk around the block once a day and get up from the couch, turn off the TV and limit the Internet and Facebook.

Halt or decrease those harmful habits.  Manage your minutes like you do your money.  Most stress is caused by money problems.  Graciously give your gifts of time, talent and treasure to those less fortunate.  Practice forgiveness.  There is a reason that it is one of the sentences in the model prayer that Jesus gave to His followers.

Be passionate about your purpose and set priorities.  Stifle the things that cause stress and suffering. Periodically pause, ponder, plan and pray.  Seek out others that are as passionate about their health as you are about your own.

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