Driver Appreciation

Lunch Time at American NationalAmerican National Logistics, Inc. is a family owned trucking company that has local, regional and national traffic routes.  Every night a fleet of trucks and trailers leave Caddo Mills to pick up products that keep the shelves filled at Brookshire’s, Walmart, Kroger, Costco and Albertson’s in North Texas.  Other trucks pick up preloaded trailers for the trek to HEB in San Antonio and Houston.  Others drivers go to Amarillo and some take to the byways and highways to deliver fixtures to new stores nation wide.  New Volvo tractors and trailers keep breakdowns to a minimum.

This week is dedicated to driver appreciation.  Drivers are treated to breakfast and lunch at the Caddo Mills headquarters.  All of the drivers received gift cards, tee-shirts and swag bags from the vendors doing business with American National Logistics.

Lisa Buglehall is the recruiter manager.  There are seats to fill so the company is looking for owner-operators as well as company drivers.  Drivers if you want to be paid above industry standards and spend more time at home during mandatory breaks then Lisa is the person to call at (903) 213-4239 in Caddo Mills.

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  1. Awesome week! Thank you to our ANL drivers for they daily hard work you do to keep this company in good graces with our demanding customers! Service is what we specialize in and it starts with the drivers who push to make the loads on time every time!

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