Deputy Tables Per Diem Rate Discussion

Hunt County currently receives approximately $43 per day to house and feed federal prisoners.  This is paid through the US Marshall Service. Usually rates are renegotiated after a significant time has elapsed.  The rate of reimbursement to the county has not increased over the last decade or so.

Joseph Summerhill with the Summerhill Group specializes in negotiating higher per diem rates for local jails housing federal prisoners, such as those being held by the U.S. Marshals Service. Summerhill presented a contract that was reviewed by County Attorney Daniel Ray.  The contract would allow Summerhill to begin negotiations with the US Marshall Service to increase per diem rates to almost $55 per day to the county. Along with that increase the group would work to increase the rate the county is reimbursed when a federal prisoner is hospitalized or must travel to another site for medical attention, evaluation or trial.

Summerhill went on to say, “his group has worked in 23 states and seventy-two counties to negotiate per diem rates based on the method the Marshall’s Service uses now”. The matter was brought to a vote to proceed but Chief Deputy Buddy Oxford stepped to the podium and requested the county table the matter.  When ask Oxford said, “because we (meaning the Sheriff’s Department) may not want to enter into the contract now”.

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