By Ginger Lane

Deliberation is a process of thoughtfully weighing options.

It’s been several years ago that I got my notice of jury duty. I wish this was an audio so you could hear how my mind read it off to me. It sounded like a dark thundering ominous voice.
As you all probably know, you have several days to prepare to be there, so each and every day, I’d think about how long the trial might go on. What kind of trial would it be? Could I be a good juror? I didn’t have time to be there. How could I possibly take off work? This could be a disaster on my schedule! There was time spent thinking of ways to get out of it. And, for days, the chant began in my head, “Don’t pick me. Don’t pick me!”
The fateful day finally arrived and as I showed up, so did at least one hundred other people. After a brief amount of time, many were released, but not me. Over and over and over, I kept thinking, “Don’t pick me.”
Those of us who remained were shuffled into another court room. I was beginning to feel like I might be chosen and I revved up the ‘Don’t pick me’, ‘Don’t pick me’. We were each asked questions about how did we feel about one thing then another and who knew who in the room.
Then, it was over in a flash. I was dismissed.

My first thought after being dismissed was, “Hey! What’s wrong with me? Why didn’t you pick me?”
(Humans are very funny creatures.)

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