Dallas Officer Eulogized at Lake Pointe

Police Officers and representatives from across the nation and Canada gathered at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall yesterday for the funeral service of Dallas Police Officer Rogelio Santander.  Officer Santander graduated from Texas A&M University- Commerce in 2014 with a degree in Criminal Justice Management. Retired Dallas Police Officer and Greenville resident, Carol Mazzola, was part of that service.

Retired Officer Mazzola shared one of scriptures read at Officer Santander’s service.  It is from the Wisdom of Solomon 4: 7, “But the righteous, though they die early will be at rest”.  She went on to say that the outpouring of “respect, love and honor for the young officer and his family was notable”. Friends and family eulogized the young 27-year old officer. Mazzola said, “Rogelio made a positive impact on his family, friends and community”.

Mazzola did not join in the procession to the cemetery but she said, “police cruisers, motorcycles and other vehicles had seals from major cities and communities surrounding North Texas”.

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