Curley’s Corner

Caddo Mills is at the intersection of State Highway 66 and Farm Road 36, eight miles southwest of Greenville in southwestern Hunt County. Caddo Indians were early inhabitants and camped in the area near the banks of Caddo Creek. The first arrived in the late 1850s. Twenty years later I. T. Johnson and Henry King built a gristmill a mile west of the present townsite. Shortly thereafter, a store opened and a community developed. Residents in the area referred to the community as Caddo Mills, after Johnson and King’s gristmill

Curley’s Corner is located at the intersection of Texas Highways 66 and Farm Road 36 in the historic district.  Curley Braves puts in two to three hours per day waving to traffic turning onto Highway 66.  Braves has seen a lot of progress in Caddo Mills over the past two or three years. He has watched as a storm destroyed the Railroad Tank tree that at one time sheltered many produce stands, he has seen two railroad companies come and go.

Curley serves his Lord and Savior at Caddo Mills Missionary Baptist Church.  Curley always has a kind word for those passing by and if you have time he will give you a prayer and a blessing.

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