Create Your Own Inexpensive Stepping Stones

Bamboo strips secured into a round form will make an excellent mold for an inexpensive stepping stone. Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

June Morgan, Hunt County Master Gardener has learned how to make the ideal stepping stones out of cast-off materials. A beautifully planted garden often has whimsical, useful, or comforting additions to grace its landscape. Unfortunately, many store-bought items, especially those made of concrete, are costly. The do-it-yourselfer does not have to be an artist to make striking sculptural decor out of concrete. Hundreds of different shapes can be created with this medium, such as spheres and leaves of all sizes which can be used for projects such as fountains, stepping stones, and wire sculptures.

Molds for stepping stones can be made of almost anything – aluminum pie plates, pizza boxes, or cardboard cut to desired shapes. Large leaves such as elephant ears can even be used as the final shape of stepping stones. The grocery is a rich source for deep-veined leaves for a good impression. Using sand for the base, place the leaf with vein side up, cover with plastic wrap, then spread the wet concrete mix to coat the leaf. Plan for at least 3/8” inches thick for lasting strength. After several days, flip the mold carefully, peel the plastic wrap and leaves away, and smooth any rough spots with a wire brush.

Let your imagination run wild.  There are many molds and designs to incorporate into your garden décor.

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