Construction Stalled

Construction has stalled on the new Family Dollar Store located at Lee and Walnut Streets in Greenville. One business owner located across the street tells Hunt County News that there has not been any evidence of activity for the last three weeks.  Most of the parking lot is poured, doors are in place but the window frames do not have any glazing.  A new driveway was poured for the church due to construction traffic breaking up the existing parking lot.

Reuters reported several months ago that Dollar Tree Stores made a successful bid to purchase Family Dollar for Eight Billion dollars. Thee hundred and thirty stores will be sold to a private equity company known as Sycamore Partners as a result of this offer. Sycamore will operate these stores under the Dollar Express Banner.  It may be another month or two before we discover if this new store changes colors and banners or remains a Family Dollar store.

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  1. Cesar Castaneda

    There is small correction that needs to be made to this article. The church parking lot was broken up by construction traffic, however the construction company only partially poured a new driveway. A fair size portion of the church parking lot remains in tatters due to the previously mentioned construction traffic.

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