College Hill Reunion

Ricky C. Simmons, University of Nebraska Cornhusker, said in a video, “The College Hill Reunion in Greenville, Texas is on!  Fun, music, food, friendship and games will start around eleven and continue until the wheels fall off.”

Ricky C. Simmons is a Corn Husker! Image courtesy of the Ricky C. Simmons Organization.

The College Hill neighborhood is on West Lee Street as you enter Greenville.  The big vacant lot at 4625 is where you will see our neighbors and friends gathering from all walks to enjoy being from Greenville.  Come out on Saturday, September the first and meet your neighbors.

Barbara Horan in a Facebook post said, “College Hills is throwing the party an inviting the whole town!!! Gathering starts at 11. Food served at 1 o’clock. Bring a love offering if you choose, but it is not required!!! Come to hear music, visit with friends, eat and play games. This is going to be a fun day for everyone!! Use 4625 Lee St in GPS. The street party is on that empty lot.”

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