Closing Saturday

Save-a-lot Store Closing SaturdayThe Save-A-Lot at 4103 Wesley Street is closing its doors at the close of business, Saturday, September 26th.  An anonymous source indicated that there were issues with the building and the owner was looking for another location. One couple leaving the store with a cart full of items said “we will miss it.  We get the circular in the mail and often drive from Leonard to shop”.

If one drives from Walmart on Wesley Street to uptown Greenville you will pass a new Aldi Store finishing completion, a La Michoacana Meat Market under construction near Joe Ramsey and a new neighborhood Walmart opening its doors a week from Wednesday.

Save-a-lot is a division of Super Valu, Inc. headquartered in Earth City, Missouri.  Each of the 1,300 stores are individually owned. Save-a-lot specializes in quality name brands and private labels.  One can often save up to 40 per cent compared to conventional grocery stores.

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