Citywide Election Saturday

A citywide election will be held on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 to elect a mayor and two councilpersons.  Mayor David L. Dreiling is running unopposed.  The mayor has called a special meeting with the council to discuss his role as mayor and to discuss the direction the city needed to go.  He did not go into specifics about topics to be covered in the executive session.

Councilperson Brent Money is also running unopposed in Greenville Place 5.  Anybody that has observed a city council meeting in person or on Hunt County News will agree that Money has the interest of the city first and foremost.

Place 6 has two opponents facing each other.  They are the incumbent councilperson Cedric Dean and his challenger Kenneth Freeman.  When ask by Hunt County News, Challenger Freeman was concerned about the little things such as rough railroad crossings in West Greenville.  Councilperson Dean has been available at most city council meetings and shares the same passion for improvement in the district.

There are six charter amendments on the ballot for approval as well.

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