City Council Discuss All-way Stops

A warning sign announces the new stop sign at Sayle and Shelby Streets. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Greenville City Councilpersons questioned John Wright, Director of Public Services in regards to the new four-way (all-way) stops being tried at Sayle and Shelby Streets and at Old Mill and Edgewood Drives.

Monty White spoke at the Citizens to be Heard segment regarding the stop signs, “traffic is sometimes backed up to Joe Ramsey and at other times to the four-way stop at Eastland.” White acknowledged that something must be done. Have you thought of a traffic light?” John Wright, Director of Public Works, replied by saying, “Traffic lights are costly. They can cost up to 200,000 dollars. The all-way stop does not guarantee fewer vehicle crashes, but in certain parts of the city the police department is reporting fewer incidents (‘where the all-way stop has been implemented’).”

Another problem area is Old Mill Road and Edgewood roads. The director said, “we want to apply an overlay at the intersection before turning this into an all-way stop.” Councilperson Jerry Ransom implied that there “will be a learning curve but it should help traffic control in the long run.”

Afternoon Drive Time does congest at the Sayle and Shelby Street intersection. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

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