Citizens Address Council

A sizable number of citizens from the Historic Park Street Neighborhood addressed the City Council Tuesday evening. Spokesperson, Dennis Mathis, expressed concern of 18-wheeled trucks trying to make the sharp turns at Moulton and Park, Park and Johnson, and Stonewall and Oneal/Park Streets.  These avenues are part of US Business 69 and is labeled truck routes on map programs available to drivers.  One problem is increased trailer lengths.  Fifty-three feet is the normal length for trailers and vans but recently the Texas Department of Transportation (TX DOT) has allowed 55-feet lengths.

There have been three incidents in as many months at the troubled intersections involving large trucks that swing wide and result in trailer wheels jumping curbs causing damage to yards, tearing down tree limbs or hitting utility poles and parked cars.

There was a discussion among council members and a resolution was made to address citizen’s concerns with TX DOT.

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