Chance of Wildfire Remains High in the County

Texas A&M Forest Service announced that wildfire danger is high in the county.  Drought conditions remain high.  Most of the extreme fire danger is in counties west of Ft. Worth. Some relief may occur this week when a cold front in August slowly rolls across the county. Welcome rain should start by tomorrow evening and continue through Friday morning. While this weather pattern may bring temporary relief, the county-wide burn ban will remain in effect.

A massive fire erupted in a pipe yard near Highway 276 in Quinlan Friday afternoon. It is believed that the fire started in a salvage yard and spread to dry brush and grass.  Eventually, a massive pile of crane mats (timber matting cabled together to allow earth moving machinery to cross wetlands) caught fire.  Several fire companies responded. They included Lone Oak, Quinlan, West Tawakoni, Union Valley and Cash.

Fire companies paid attention to propane storage tanks near the 10-acre fire in Quinlan.

Image by Chuck Webb, Texas Dronology

Cash Fire Department Chief, Ryan Biggers, said the burn ban “will most likely remain in effect until the fall rains that always start during the State Fair and throughout the winter.  Property owners must keep in mind that current guidelines call for fines up to $500 if a fire starts on one property and spreads to a neighboring property”.

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