Faces and Places: Kelly Current at the Landmark

Faces and Places: Kelly Current at the Landmark

Kelly Current, US Army veteran and now dietitian at Hunt County Regional Healthcare, was elected president of the Daybreak Rotary Club for 2018-19.  Kelly outlined goals that she believes the early morning club can achieve this year.  This year’s theme is “Be the Inspiration”.

Moody's is a world wide credit bureau dedicated to reporting on the financial strength of towns and cities around the globe.  Image courtesy of Moody's Investor Service.

Greenville Enjoys A1 Rating From Moody’s Investor Services

Greenville’s Public Information Officer, Kathy Lucas, announced Moody’s Investors Service assigned an A1 issuer rating to the City of Greenville, TX. This does not affect any debt outstanding. The issuer rating reflects Moody’s credit assessment of Greenville’s implicit general obligation credit strength. RATINGS RATIONALE the A1 rating reflects the city’s […]

Melanie Acker Littlefield cuts the green ribbon signifying that the new Brass Rail is open for business. Image by Barney Wiker for Hunt County News.

The Brass Rail Cuts the Green Ribbon

Charles Helms opened a local pub called the Brass Rail at the Greenville Best Western Hotel in 1995.  The club continued on until 2014 when the owner died.  Melanie Acker Littlefield purchased the business.  A year or two after Melanie bought the pub a company known as United Housing purchased […]

Fuller for center for housing in Hunt County

Habitat for Humanity of Greenville now the Fuller Center for Housing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Local housing nonprofit now partnering with The Fuller Center for Housing The local affordable housing ministry formerly known as Greenville Texas Habitat for Humanity is now operating as a covenant partner of The Fuller Center for Housing. Hunt County Fuller Center for Housing’s mission remains the same […]