Come to Quinlan wrestling fans on the evening of April 14th!  Image courtesy of Imperial Wrestling Revolution.

The Von Erich Tour Returns to Quinlan

Imperial Wrestling Revolution CEO Jerry Bostic and Consultant Jim Ross say, “fans mark your calendars for April 14th.  Imperial Wrestling Company presents “Cool as Ice” at the high school on Saturday evening of the 14th.  The door opens at six PM and the bell rings at seven”. It is a […]

Ground was broken for a new Wataburger in Quinlan today. Image courtesy of Jennifer Grasse.

Quinlan Rocks

Quinlan, Texas on the southern edge of Hunt County has come into its own with the groundbreaking of Whataburger number 656 (just guessing here, folks) restaurant in Texas.  From just one store in Corpus Christi in 1950 there are now over 790 stores nationwide. The team from regional headquarters braved […]

A mild frost can occur when the outside temperature falls below 36 degrees. You will see it in the early morning on a chilly day. Image courtesy of the US Weather Service.

It is Almost Time for Spring Planting

Typically, frost can occur when the temperature falls below 36® F.  This is especially true in the rural areas of the county. Frost is a localized phenomenon that can be quite variable across a small area. Frost becomes more widespread when the temperature falls below 32 degrees. If you planted […]

A videographer from the Pilgrim Media Group captures an action sequence for an upcoming Misfit Garage episode.  Image courtesy of the Pilgrim Media Group via Facebook.

Misfit Garage Films Episode in Quinlan

Local television personality Thomas Weeks of Quinlan and realty TV star Tom Smith of Carrollton with their Misfit Garage team videoed a future episode Of Misfit Garage in the city the first part of the week. The Misfit Garage series is in its fifth season on the Discovery Channel. The […]

Kansas Team take the King Kat Tournament. Image courtesy of Cabella's King Kat Trail.

The King Kat Trail Leads to Tawakoni

West Tawakoni- This past Saturday, February 17, 2018 the Cabela’s King Kat Tournament Trail hit the waters of Lake Tawakoni in W. Tawakoni, Texas. In the event over 100 anglers from 10 states were competing not only for the $12,600.00 in cash and prizes, but the opportunity to qualify for […]