Lone Oak

Ashlee is all smiles as she thinks about the Fall Semester at Texas A&M in Commerce. She has sold a pickup load of watermelons today. Image by Jim Satterwhite

Watermelon Girl

Ashlee Isenburg is the watermelon girl. Throughout high school she has attended classes at Paris Jr. College and has the majority of the “grunt” work or mandatory classes completed.  She will enroll at Texas A&M University in Commerce, Texas this fall to study nursing. Ashlee buys melons at a 3,000 […]

James Rossiter was in the hospital being tested for epilepsy when one of the Wolfe City baseball games was being played. Win One For the Gipper (you have to have a long memory of this movie) would be a fitting title as one of the coaches webcast the game on Facebook for James. Image by Vicki Stine.

Amazing Coaches

Chester Adams, one of the Baseball Commissioners for East Fork Baseball and Softball, coaches the Wolfe City Team 10-U (ten and under) along with Jody Card, Special Education Teacher at Wolfe City ISD, and Chase Herron, independent business owner. The association has teams from Wolfe City, Blue Ridge, Lone Oak, […]

Rose Hayden leads the bus load of Lone Oak ISD fans to distribute checks to the three schools in the Lone Oak District.  Image courtesy of LOISD.

Grant Patrol Arrives

On March 8, the LOISD Education Foundation surprised the high school, middle school, and the elementary campuses with a lot of noise… and a lot of grant money! We awarded 13 educational grants totaling $31,838.08 in our Founding Year! Many generous donors all around Hunt County made this wonderful day possible and we […]