The bear makes new friends in and around the county every day! Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Chris and the Bear

Chris works in the background of Hunt County hauling off other peoples junk. He was a truck driver in a former life and has lived in Toronto and Chicago before settling in Hunt County. He can be found cleaning scrap piles for people and businesses in Commerce, Greenville, and Quinlan. […]

Citizen's depend on 9-1-1 dispatch services and often do not have a backup when the system goes down. Image public domain.

Nationwide 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch Affects County

Hunt County was not spared when Century Link’s 9-1-1 network went down for almost eight hours last night. The Federal Communications Commission launched an investigation of telecom giant CenturyLink in the wake of a “troubling” nationwide outage that prevented some customers from being able to dial 9-1-1, officials said Friday. […]

Jerry and John Ruin rock out with Through the Looking Glass. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

The Grunge that Left Seattle

The band, Ruin Illusion, played at Greenville’s AmericanLegion Hall Saturday night. Jerry Ruin is the leader, his twelve-year-old son, John, keeps the electric fiddle hot, drummer Adam Gammons, has been with Jerryfor a long time, and local Greenville transplant, Travis Hairgrove keeps thecrowd in a Seattle mood with his mastery […]

Occasionally the Postal Service loses a letter but if it is found you can bet that it will be delivered. Image courtesy of Irish Central.

Pictures with Santa

The staff at Tribute Medical Supply in Greenville understand that recovering from surgery and severe injuries can be challenging to cope with. They also understand how shopping for specialty products that allow mobility once again can be frustrating. Tribute continues to offer the very best in-home healthcare equipment to make […]

Friendlee will host Rick Patterson at the Texan at High Noon on Wednesday. Image courtesy of Rick Patterson.

Patterson and Weaver to Perform at High Noon Wednesday

Rick Patterson has just released his debut album “Hick It Up,” much to the delight of his sizeable host of fans. The album is expected to be a success. The innovative sound that he has made his own is sure to gain interest all across the nation. Patterson was raised […]