The crowd at Memorial Stadium was record setting as the Commerce Lions went on to win the semifinal championship 31-17. Image courtesy of Russell Armstrong.

Commerce Lions are on the way to Kansas City

The Commerce, Texas A&M Lions will soon find out just how good the barbecue sauce is in Kansas City. The team beat the Harding Bison Team from Searcy, Arkansas 31-17 to win the NCAA Division II Semifinal victory.  This will be the Lions first championship game since joining the NCAA. […]

Armadillos can ruin a lawn or garden within a span of five or six hours. Image of a Nine-banded Armadillo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Armadillos in our Yards

June Morgan, Hunt County Master Gardener, reports that many more people are moving out into the county.  Unfortunately, some of the neighbors at the new residence include coyotes, snakes, possums, deer, racoons and armadillos. Gardeners often find that their new lawn and garden is ruined because of the night time […]


County Tables the Appraisal District Purchase

The Hunt County Commissioners tabled the request of the Appraisal District to acquire the former Southside Church of Christ building located at 3301 Ridgecrest Road.  Brent South, Chief Appraiser, pled the case of the district needing more room in the next few years if the county continues to experience the […]

The Siberian Iris is hardy and will survive the hot Texas summer. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Dividing the Perennials

Master Gardener, Beverly Boshear, says “November is a perfect time to divide perennials such as Day Lilies, Irises, Phlox, Lamb’s Ears and ornamental grasses. Dividing will give you the same variety of plant and will add another area to your garden scape. Begin by using a garden fork to lift […]

The medical team from Hunt County took care of four groups of pilgrims to Lourdes, France one week in June. Image public domain.

Local Doctors Volunteer at Lourdes

Dr. Roxana Cruz, a practicing physician in Greenville, along with PA-C Brian Weber from Commerce volunteered at the Lourdes Clinic and hospital last June in Lourdes, France. The team departed JFK Airport on June 17th. The Pilgrimage Medical Leadership Team accompanied pilgrims with a variety of special needs providing supportive […]