Jerry and John Ruin rock out with Through the Looking Glass. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

The Grunge that Left Seattle

The band, Ruin Illusion, played at Greenville’s AmericanLegion Hall Saturday night. Jerry Ruin is the leader, his twelve-year-old son, John, keeps the electric fiddle hot, drummer Adam Gammons, has been with Jerryfor a long time, and local Greenville transplant, Travis Hairgrove keeps thecrowd in a Seattle mood with his mastery […]

Occasionally the Postal Service loses a letter but if it is found you can bet that it will be delivered. Image courtesy of Irish Central.

Pictures with Santa

The staff at Tribute Medical Supply in Greenville understand that recovering from surgery and severe injuries can be challenging to cope with. They also understand how shopping for specialty products that allow mobility once again can be frustrating. Tribute continues to offer the very best in-home healthcare equipment to make […]

Participants take part in a very special Thanksgiving Celebration at GISD. Image courtesy of GISD.

A Special Thanksgiving Celebration

Helen Williams, GISD Communications, reports, “Families gathered Nov. 5 for the second annual Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) Thanksgiving celebration.” “We love this event! It’s a chance for kids to interact with their peers and bring their parents and siblings together for fellowship,” said Mary Shaddox, Greenville […]

A traffic roundabout, such as this multi-lane roundabout posted at the web site of West Lafayette, Ind., are an increasingly utilized form of traffic control. Advocates say they are safer and more efficient than traditional two-way-stop intersections. Image courtesy of the Courier Press Archives.

Commerce Roundabouts

Commerce Mayor Wyman Williams and County Planner Dee Hilton addressed the County Commissioners in regards to moving forward with the roundabouts on Route 24, Highway 11, and Culver Street. The commissioners approved the expenditure of $360,000 to implement the design phase of the roundabout system. The Toole Design Team also […]

Patrick Kreuzer (left) engages volunteer grassroots workers Sharon Johnson, Walter Davis, Evan Manski, and Leaca Caspari. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Coffee Fuels the Grassroots

Sometimes a challenger has to enlist people to cultivate and nourish a candidate.  This ground game is called the Grassroots Campaign. Patrick Kreuzer engaged a group of four grassroots volunteers at the Texan Lobby Cafe and Coffee Shop to pound the streets of Greenville, Quinlan, Caddo Mills, Commerce and Wolfe […]