Hanging baskets are quite attractive but special care and watering is required. Image courtesy of "Simple Garden Tips".

On the Grow: Hanging Baskets

Super markets and big box stores all offer the mundane, plastic hanging basket for plants.  Have you thought of making your own that is much more economical and decorative.  Master Gardener, Julie Morgan, tells how. Hanging baskets can add much to the outdoor porch and deck summer décor, but it […]

Get your barbecue fix quenched this weekend at Cash Volunteer Fire Department. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Four Smokers are Smoking

Four smokers provided by Farmers Electric Co-op were smoking up barbecue treats for the public at the Cash Volunteer Fire Department this morning.  Meal service consisting of ribs, brisket, sausage, sides, fixings and desert will begin at five PM and continue until nine PM at the department located about seven […]

Melanie Acker Littlefield cuts the green ribbon signifying that the new Brass Rail is open for business. Image by Barney Wiker for Hunt County News.

The Brass Rail Cuts the Green Ribbon

Charles Helms opened a local pub called the Brass Rail at the Greenville Best Western Hotel in 1995.  The club continued on until 2014 when the owner died.  Melanie Acker Littlefield purchased the business.  A year or two after Melanie bought the pub a company known as United Housing purchased […]

Dr. Patricia Sulak is congratulated by Francis Dalby, Director of Hunt County United Way at Thursday's Daybreak Rotary Club meeting. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Eleven Essential Elements to Health and Happiness

Dr. Patricia J. Sulak, a world renown dietitian and physician from Baylor, Scott and White in Temple, Texas, addressed the Daybreak Rotary Club and the United Way of Hunt County luncheon at the Texan Theater Thursday. There are eleven essential elements to health and happiness according to Dr. Patricia Sulak, […]

Come to Quinlan wrestling fans on the evening of April 14th!  Image courtesy of Imperial Wrestling Revolution.

The Von Erich Tour Returns to Quinlan

Imperial Wrestling Revolution CEO Jerry Bostic and Consultant Jim Ross say, “fans mark your calendars for April 14th.  Imperial Wrestling Company presents “Cool as Ice” at the high school on Saturday evening of the 14th.  The door opens at six PM and the bell rings at seven”. It is a […]