Mayor and Members of the City Council vote on city matters.

Greenville City Council Meeting 7/26/2017

Hunt County News live streams all of the Greenville City Council meetings. You can watch them on Facebook live or wait until they are uploaded to If you feel like catching up you can always click on over to and search through our archived footage or watch any […]

A Seneca Construction Company team member uses a skid steer loader to prepare the site that the self-fueling station will be located at Majors Field.  Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Airport Construction

The Seneca Companies, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa was founded by Chris Risewick in 1972, with a vision to deliver real value to customers in the petroleum industry through supplying quality equipment, innovative service and dependable construction of fueling sites. The company was chosen by the City of Greenville to […]

The Creative Arts Community of Hunt County recently proposed using the former Johnson Street Church of Christ as a performing arts center. Image courtesy of the Johnson Street Church of Christ.

A Place for Art and Maybe a Space for a Makerspace

The Creative Arts Community of Greenville (CAC-Gvl) sponsored a luncheon in the former Johnson Street Church of Christ Thursday. The artistic community is active in theater, musical productions, artistic endeavors and dance. Chrissy Dickens, spokesperson for the group, stood in front of more than 25 influential community members including City of […]

Greenville Comic-Con Called Off

Greenville Comic-Con Called Off

This is the official post from Greenville Comic Con’s official Facebook page: Greenville Comic Con has had issues securing a venue for the event.  The event had been scheduled for Fall of 2015, but was pushed to Spring of 2015, and later, Fall of 2015.   As the organizers were […]