California Dreaming

The Rivieras sang, “they’re out there having fun in their warm California sun.”  Whether it is 1964 or 2018, kids are still having fun in the sun as they participate in the Solar Car Challenge.

The last leg of the race on Day Six was from Phoenix, Arizona to Twenty-nine Palms, California.  Greenville and Palmdale High School led the competition in their respective divisions, Advanced Classic. One can imagine Golden Earring pounding out, “The radio is playing some forgotten song” through the desert on the way to Twenty-nine Palms, Home of the US Marines Air/Ground Combat Center.

Day three of the race called for rest in El Paso, Texas. At this point, the Lions were closer to California than Greenville. Julie Drake, a reporter for the Palmdale Valley Press, said, “The Palmdale car caught fire, but the Iron Lions helped to get them back on the road.”

The cars were trailered to Palmdale to be displayed at the Antelope Valley Mall. Friends were made from the 24 vehicles from New York, Maryland, North Carolina, California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Hunt County News will announce the team’s arrival in Greenville so we can welcome the Iron Lions home!

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