Caddo Mills Grocery Store is For Sale

Loraine has shopped at Payne's since 2007. She enjoys the small town banter from the clerks.  Photo (c) HCN/James Satterwhite.
Loraine has shopped at Payne’s since 2007. She enjoys the small town banter from the clerks. Photo (c) HCN/James Satterwhite.

Payne’s Grocery Store has served the little town of Caddo Mills for the last eighty years.  A new store was built in 1986 on the main highway between the Lighthouse Assembly and B&L Metal.  Rowdy Payne has owned and operated the store for the last twenty-two years.

Rowdy told me that everything is for sale if the price is right.  It may take two or three years to sell Payne’s Grocery but the store is not closing.  Many people depend on a local grocery like Payne’s.  A trip to Greenville is a 25-mile round trip just to buy groceries.  Rowdy went on to say the trend for small country markets is to fold if they cannot compete with the COSTCOs, Sam’s Clubs, CVS, General Dollar, ALDI or even Dollar Tree. The problem with the “big box” stores is that you have to pay a membership fee or surcharge then you have to buy more than you can possibly use before the shelf life starts to expire.

Payne’s offers local shoppers fresh meat cut fresh daily (except Wednesday).  Some of the prices at Payne’s may beat the new ALDI Store in Greenville.  Rowdy emphasized that we are not closing and pricing is competitive.


  1. I would like to say. I don’t know rowdy other than when I go into to the store. I’m not from here but am here to be close to my daughter. I love Caddo mills and it is nice to run in and get what I need. I hate to hear this. This is the problem now days small business is being shut down and leaving good people with nothing. I wish Americans would take pride in home town people and pride. For a example Yankees stadium was torn down to build a new one cowboys stadium was torn for new. To many land marks are torn down for new and it takes the character out of or lives.

  2. James Wilson

    I would like to say that I remember when I was there in 86 and Paynes was there. I used to go in there almost every day. I’ve known the Paynes since I was 17. I’m 47 now and it’s a sad day to see a place like that go out of business. I went to school with some of the Paynes, but barely knew them. I played football for Caddo Mills in 85 and loved being able to go up the street just to get some milk or eggs.
    Rowdy Payne is the nicest man I have ever met and wish that the store was still owned by him.

  3. Scott walker

    Does anyone know that rowdy helps needy people with food till they get their monthly checks? Try this in greenville, he is a blessing to us all to bad most don’t realize what their losing.

  4. Doreen Brown

    Wow, this is sad. My daughter and I lived in Caddo for over eight years. Paynes was my favorite place to get meat. Rowdy always had a huge smile and great way of making you feel welcome. Even after I moved away and would get to visit occasionally he always had time to talk.

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