Caddo Mills Fly-in

A “Fly-in” was held at the Caddo Mills Airport Saturday by General Aviation enthusiast, families and pilots.  There were many examples of the flying “station wagons” built by Cessna but the crowd was enthralled by a 1943 Boeing Bi-winged training airplane painted in the traditional yellow favored by training commands during World War II. Rides were offered in this old warbird. The old radial engine kicks out 200 horse power but it is enough to ensure a thrilling ride.

Exos Aerospace Systems and Technologies of Caddo Mills, Texas, was exhibiting a rocket fuselage and engine suspended from a crane near its hanger.  Personnel from Exos were testing the rocket steering mechanism. Exos plans to begin launches of a reusable sounding rocket called the Suborbital Active Rocket with Guidance (SARGE) from Spaceport America in New Mexico next month.

Hamburgers and hot dogs were being grilled for the spectators and guest.

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