British Invasion hits Greenville

4ladsFifty years may have passed since the Beatles recorded their first hit, but their music is alive and well, rocking out the classics at The Texan Theater, in Greenville, TX. 4 LADS FROM LIVERPOOL whisks the audience from the band’s early days, to the Sgt. Pepper era and beyond, utilizing a “multimedia experience” that injects excitement into every note.The lights first come up, with the band in their black suits in position, and “All My Loving” begins. It’s the Ed Sullivan show all over again. 4 LADS continues from this point through many popular early songs, such as “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and “Help!” The harmonies are spot on, and the group does a great job incorporating the audience into the show.

The show takes you through an epic journey that begins in the early days in Hamburg, Germany, and the Cavern Club in Liverpool, then fast forwards to the Sgt Pepper era and beyond. Paired with an amazing multimedia experience, you get to see, hear and feel how it all got started. We know you will love this presentation of an era that was shaped by these “4 Lads from Liverpool”.

What: 4 Lads from Liverpool

Where: Texan Theater, Greenville, TX

When: November 14 and 15, 2015

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