Branded Ranch Rodeo

Aubrey, Melisa and Jason load up signs to be placed at strategic locations throughout the county touting the Branded Ranch Rodeo, 2018 edition. The rodeo is one of the primary fund raising activities that supports the food pantry, education and job training, the community seeds community kitchen and other activities that spread needed support to disadvantaged folks in the southern end of Hunt County.

Wally Jeffers, Director of Hunt County Shared Ministries, has said that the main problem is food insecurity.  “Choices must be made between food and medicine, food and utilities, food and rent.  The struggle is real” said Jeffers.

The rodeo is scheduled to begin on Saturday May 19th at 5 PM.  It is sponsored by area Cowboy Churches.  A ranch rodeo features cowboy skills and games that were often seen at the old time ranch gatherings after the herds were culled and the cattle sold.  Wild cow milking means wild cow gravy to go on the chicken fried steak famous in North Texas.  Calf roping, bronc riding, bull riding and chuck wagon races add to the entertainment at a ranch rodeo.  Admission is just $5 and it is held at the Sulphur Springs Civic Center.

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