Bottled Water for Our Morning Coffee?

Jim Satterwhite always uses bottled water for coffee. Image by Jim

Last month the North Texas Municipal Water District issued a warning concerning a change of the chlorine formula used to make municipal water supplies safe. The district is comprised of eighty cities and municipalities in ten North Texas Counties.
John Wright, Director of Greenville Public Works, said, “Greenville is not a member of this district so we will not be purging the water lines at this time.” Greenville sells water to the cities of Caddo Mills, Jacobia, and Campbell. Greenville does do chlorine burnouts. Many customers sometimes say “the lake is turning over.”
All water systems purge their systems once per year to purge suspensions in the water lines. This procedure is called chlorine burnout and is a two-step process that adds chlorine plus ammonia clear suspensions in the water lines and disinfects the system. Most customers will notice an increased chlorine smell and taste during the “burnout.”
The Greenville Water Supply is monitored daily for purity. The closest water supply in the North Texas network is Wylie, Texas. The Wylie System is tested over three-hundred times on an annual basis.
The question remains “do we use bottled water for coffee or drink it the cowboy way?”

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