Boles Robotic Team Wins Competition

The Boles Robotic Team named their robot "Ground Breaker".
The Boles Robotic Team named their robot “Ground Breaker”.

The Boles ISD Robotics Team, The Mine Masters, won first place at the regional completion held last Saturday at Tex A&M-Commerce.  The competition challenge was to design a robot that could mine exotic material from a “hazardous” environment.  The team formed a company called Mine Masters, Inc. to meet the challenge that BEST Inc. Mining Division put forth.  Best, Inc. has purchased a mine that contains several valuable resources in record-shattering concentrations – but there’s a problem: The mine is far too dangerous for humans. Consequently, the mine was decommissioned years ago and has since fallen into disrepair. Initial evaluations of the mine have revealed five lucrative materials at various depths beneath the surface.  BEST has released a request for proposal (RFP) to prototype a robotic system that can repair the mine and retrieve these commodities. Since the winning company will be awarded the contract of running the mine, BEST will be evaluating the companies themselves as well as the prototypes they create.

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