Beyond the Farthest Star

Executive Producer, Benjamin Dane, shows off the copy of the Beyond the Farthest Star video prior to being a guest at Hunt County News Live. Image courtesy of Benjamin Dane.

The Executive Producer for the motion picture, Beyond the Farthest Star, was at the world famous Texan Theater today to take part in Hunt County News Live.  Benjamin Dane retold the story of filming in Leonard and Celeste, Texas.  He remarked that Leonard town people was skeptical at first, of another motion picture company shooting in town.  The last company left a few dinosaurs around when the production ran out of money.  “What are we going to do with all those dinosaurs?”, the mayor ask.

The story is about an evangelist whose dream was to be the next Billy Graham.  It did not work out.  It seems that every where he went skeletons would appear out of his past.  Finally, he ended up in a little town in North Texas (Leonard) and the skeletons once again surfaced.  His daughter questioned everything the family stood for.  It is a story of redemption, drama, murder, and forgiveness.

The film was released on video tape yesterday at Walmart Stores in Greenville, Commerce, Quinlan and Sulphur Springs and other stores throughout the surrounding counties but every copy has been sold.  The video is available on-line at amazon and other retailers for about $13.00 plus tax.

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