Mr. D's Helicopter photo
We told you earlier in the week that you’ve now got a chance to scratch helicopter ride off your bucket list and we have word now that
the rides start on Saturday, August 22nd at noon!
The price is $50 per person and there are some age restrictions. You can experience Hunt County from a whole new point of view.
According to Amanda Disbro from Mr. D’s Helicopters, children ages five and up are welcome aboard the aircraft with a parent. Sixteen and up may ride solo,
but any person under the age of eighteen must have a parent present to sign the release forms.
You can get more information by calling their office at 903-662-0028 or visit their website:
They are located at 7164 Hwy 69S in Lone Oak.
Please don’t forget to take photos and share them with Hunt County News. We’d love to see them and hear about your experiences!

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