Bad People Are Always Looking for Easy Targets! By Ginger Lane

Purse Theft

Unfortunately, when we are shopping, we aren’t the only ones cruising the aisles for good deals! Lurking around in just about any retail store anywhere… even in Hunt County, there could be a thief waiting for the opportunity to take your hard earned money home with them.

We all know that shopping can be fun. But, it’s also a job. We have to compare pricing, look at quality and think about how the item will benefit the household. It requires a lot of thought. I’m also seeing all the ‘Back to School’ supplies showing up and there are even more distractions when negotiating with the kiddos about the upcoming school necessities versus desires.

The first thing most of us do when entering a store is put our purses in the shopping cart. However, the second thing that I do is take the child restraint strap on the cart and run it through the strap or handle of my purse. It isn’t going anywhere without the cart moving with it. I also clamp or snap it completely closed.  Now, if someone does try to make off with my purse, they’ll be in for a surprise and have a tug of war with the cart, not me.  I’d never get into a confrontation trying to hold on to my purse.

I can’t tell you how many times I see people with their purses open wide and they are completely focused on the merchandise they are thinking about buying, many of them elderly.  I sometimes stop and suggest they ‘buckle up’, so please pass this tip on.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you and here are a few more hints.
Only carry what you need in your ‘shopping’ purse.
Leave your social security card at home.
Keep house and car keys in your pocket.
Dress down. Purse snatchers are looking for a big payoff.


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  1. Mitch Vaughn

    To bad Greenville isn’t providing some information classes on situational awareness regarding shopping, driving, banking, visiting a local park or sporting event etc. Criminals know more about choosing the right victim than citizens know about not becoming one.

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