Armadillos in our Yards

Armadillos can ruin a lawn or garden within a span of five or six hours. Image of a Nine-banded Armadillo courtesy of Wikipedia.

June Morgan, Hunt County Master Gardener, reports that many more people are moving out into the county.  Unfortunately, some of the neighbors at the new residence include coyotes, snakes, possums, deer, racoons and armadillos. Gardeners often find that their new lawn and garden is ruined because of the night time adventures of the armadillo.

Armadillos were denizens of Texas long before Crocket and Travis arrived on scene.  They often root out insects and worms during the night.  Oft time the armadillo will burro under the home’s foundation and sidewalks during the feeding ritual and leave the structure endangered.  Possums and snakes prefer the ready-made dens after the armadillo leaves.  Many carry the leprosy bacterium but this has not dissuaded many Texans from throwing one in the slow cooker.  Some in Hunt County like the taste of the small armored rodent so much that they still refer to them by their nickname “Hoover Hogs” earned during the Depression. Things that go bump in the night can be attributed to these little armored tanks keeping us awake as they dig under the foundation.

The best way to get rid of armadillos is to trap them and relocate them to pastures a few miles away.  That is unless you want to stay awake all nigth waiting to get a shot off at one or two for the slow cooker.

Tune in next Wednesday when Jim reaches out with his “To Die For” Armadillo recipe during a segment of Hunt County Live from historic downtown Greenville at our studio in the world famous Texan Theater.

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