And Then There Were Two

A trustee on the Greenville School Board takes on a thankless job.  Three candidates filed for consideration in District 4 and one stepped up to the plate in District 7. The situation changed as candidates thought out their positions.

Today, GISD received written notices of withdrawal from District 4 candidates Heather Nicholson and Joyce Dreiling (attached).

Tuesday was the last day for candidates to withdraw from the Nov. 6 special election to fill unexpired terms for seats that were vacated by resignations.

The school board trustees were honored in January of this year. Since then Aaron Adelle and Lesley Overstreet have resigned. Image courtesy of EGreenvilleExtra.Com

As of Aug. 28, there are two unopposed candidates:

  • Tish Woodruff (District 4)
  • Roger Livingston (District 7)

District officials have been in contact with the Secretary of State’s Office, where legal representatives advised that because the candidates are unopposed, there will be no need to hold a special election listing those positions on the ballot.

That means that GISD voters will only be voting on the Tax Ratification Election Nov. 6.

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