And Now There are Ten

The successful candidate must have the interest of Hunt County and its towns in mind in order to fill former Judge John L. Horn’s shoes.

Hunt County Commissioners will have their work cut out for them in January now that they must choose between ten candidates for Hunt County Judge. Judge John L. Horn passed in early September 2018 after a brief illness. He was on the November ballot running unopposed. Commissioner Jim Lathan picked up the reigns until January 2019. Whomever that is appointed will serve until the 2020 general election. The candidates’ names follow:
• Former commissioners Tod McMahan, Jay Atkins, and Jerry Minter
• Used car consultant for Gibson Motors, David Bird
• Bobby Stoval, Surveyor
• Mark Hutchins, a paralegal for the Money Law Firm
• Randy Tarpley, real estate broker and Chairman of the Board of Development
• Toby Wilkinson, attorney
• Gabriel Wittkopf, Commerce firefighter
• Larry Fitzgerald, independent business consultant
There was nothing on the Commissioners’ Court agenda Thursday afternoon but Amanda Blankenship, the assistant court clerk, still has 48-hours to amend the document. There must be a quorum among the commissioners in consideration of the most qualified candidate.

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