Amazing Coaches

Chester Adams, one of the Baseball Commissioners for East Fork Baseball and Softball, coaches the Wolfe City Team 10-U (ten and under) along with Jody Card, Special Education Teacher at Wolfe City ISD, and Chase Herron, independent business owner.

The association has teams from Wolfe City, Blue Ridge, Lone Oak, Trenton and Leonard, Texas.  Team WC Adams (the team is identified with the town and last name of the coach) took second place last weekend in the tournament.  Wolfe City won nine and lost two games.

The three coaches took the time to hone the skills of every player.  Coach Adams took James Rossiter, a special needs child afflicted with generalized epilepsy, a learning disability and speech impediment and made him one of the stars of the last game of the tournament.

Some say that Coach Adams, Card and Herron have the patience of Job. James kept coming up to the plate and striking out every time. One time young James was hit with a ball and knocked down but he took first base and advanced around the diamond.

The coaches took the time to explain to James when to swing at the ball.  During the last game on Sunday, May 21st, James Rossiter was able to put all of the coaching together.  It was like Casey at Bat! James concentrated on the pitch and took a mighty swing sending the ball between first and second.  He ran and just kept going as the opposing team made mistake after mistake.

Rossiter received his game ring and a five dollar bill from the parents for the hit.  Hunt County thanks all of the coaches in the East Fork Baseball and Softball league.

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  1. These are amazing people. Chase Leonard, Jodie Card, Chester Adams, and Cody Herron. Thank yall for everything yall have done for all they kids.

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