Airport Construction

Airport Construction
A Seneca Construction Company team member uses a skid steer loader to prepare the site that the self-fueling station will be located at Majors Field. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

The Seneca Companies, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa was founded by Chris Risewick in 1972, with a vision to deliver real value to customers in the petroleum industry through supplying quality equipment, innovative service and dependable construction of fueling sites.

The company was chosen by the City of Greenville to install a new fueling station at Majors Field when a plan was presented last year to move hangers to the southern edge of the airfield.  The 6,000-gallon tank will be located at the southwest corner of the parking apron.  This will give Hunt County Aviators another option once the aircraft handling technicians leave for the evening.

The mid-western construction company has an ambitious plan to install the fueling facility within a month and a half.  They will oversee concrete work, electrical installations as well as installing the fuel station.  Sod was being cut today and electrical work from the terminal building to the self-fueling station was being prepared.

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